Chris Tankersley


I specialize in easy to use open source web applications. Much of the software that I develop I also release under open source licenses to not only foster development but to also give back to the software community in general.

I use proven reliable technologies and frameworks such as PHP, the Zend Framework, jQuery, and MySQL. Extending and modifying my software is easy for just about any PHP programmer.

I encourage everyone to download and try my software without fear of cumbersome software licenses. If you are in a situation where you need a commercial license for any of my products, please send an e-mail to

More projects are probably available on my github page.


cron-expression is a tool that helps validate cron expressions for use in web applications. It can also determine the next set of run dates. It is used as a core part of the Laravel scheduling system.

Container Builder

Container Builder is a website that lets developers quickly put together Docker Compose files and Dockerfiles from popular languages and toolkits. It uses standard Docker Compose and Dockerfile syntax so it is incredibly easy to extend, or drop into existing projects. Source code


dragonmanbot is a Twitch bot that handles various commands and housekeeping for my streams. It is mostly used as a toy project to better learn Python, but has actual useful elements.


Fillet is a CMS to Sculpin coverter that allows people to take exported data from their existing CMS and import them into Sculpin-compatible markdown/HTML files. While Fillet is a standalone library, there is also a Sculpin Bundle for use directly with sculpin.phar.

PHP Mentoring Website

PHP Mentoring is a group of people that help mentoring other PHP developers in a variety of different subjects. I help maintain the PHP Mentoring website and searching application.

On-Hold Projects

These projects are either on hold for some reason, or so old they aren't worth working on anymore. In any event, have fun digging through my old crappy code!

PHP Toolbox

PHP Toolbox is a blatant rip-off of and attempts to not only catalogue PHP libraries, bug also provide some information about each library. Users can submit libraries, vote on them, submit articles and additional documentation, and all that fun stuff.

PostalCoder is an API-backed zipcode lookup service. Created when other services were either expensive or just not reliable, it provides a basic REST-like API for searching for zipcodes and reverse zipcode lookups.


PillarAPI is a REST server implementation useful for building APIs. It supports GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE commands. It allows quick creation of resources and contains a functional server.

Zombie Ninja Games

Zombie Ninja Games is a flash game website housing a great selection of browser-based flash games. Various categories display a wide range of games for all players.

Are You Listening?

'Are You Listening?' is a teaching and testing system. It allows presentations to be created on the web and creation of tests. It's great for companies that need to do training but don't need to drag everyone into a room at the same time.


Chronicles RPG is an online gaming system for running tabletop games online. It uses a mixture of HTML5 and websockets to provide a real-time gaming experience. It's currently down until I get more time, but the wiki porition is available.


Congregate is a simple task management system for web applications. Right now it just allows a user to add projects and tasks associated with those projects as well as recording the estimated and actual time for completion and by whom.


Kiroku is a site generation tool. Where most Content Management Systems focus on large sections, Kiroku focus more on the individual pages. With this in mind building out a website is quick and easy even for non-web designers. Integration with packages such as FCKEditor and an intuitive interface make Kiroku a great choice when building a new website.


Manuscript is a document management system useful for an intranet system. Users can upload any kind of file into Manuscript to make it available to other users. Documents can either be uploaded, created within Manuscript through a word processor-like interface, or posted directly through an IE 8 accelerator. Files can be tagged into multiple categories for easy organization.


PhpORM is a basic ORM manager. It allows Plain old PHP objects to be used as database entities without needing to worry about all the database stuff. It was originally built to run on Zend Framework's Zend_Db database abstraction, but it can be extended to work with others. It currently supports Zend_Db, PDO, and an ArrayStorage object.

TWS Code Snippets

Random code snippets that are not part of any specific project. Most of the code examples from the blog end up here.