Chris Tankersley
I'm Chris Tankersley
Software Engineer Jack of All Trades
While I primarily describe myself as a PHP Developer, I'm a polyglot developer, architect, and developer evangelist. I am the author of "Docker for Developers" and "The Dev Lead Trenches", was the co-host of Jerks Talk Games, and speaker. I am also a core committee member of the PHP FIG.

My Latest Posts

So not that long ago, Sculpin released version 3.0 thanks to a bunch of hard work by Kevin Boyd (@Beryllium9). This brought Sculpin up-to-date with current versions of PHP, and updated a bunch of stuff under the hood. It also showed why I love Sculpin — because it ultimately is a very simple idea, a major upgrade like this barely caused any problems, and the upgrade was very easy.

In late 2015/early 2016, I took over maintenance for the mtdowling/cron-expression library. This was a library that we used at my then day job quite heavily, as it was part of our daily processing and scheduling for customers around the world. It let us schedule cron jobs relative to them, instead of us, without much work. When Michael reached out on Twitter for someone to help maintain it, I jumped at the chance.

A few days ago at our family dinner I talked about how Alexa Bliss was setting off Amazon Echos during her matches. This is a slightly funnier, and less expensive, version of the TV Report prompts Amazon Echos to buy dollhouses story. I showed my wife a video of how the commentators were saying her name over and over, and an Echo was responding.

If you aren’t familiar with how Open Source came to be the way it is today, please read “A History of Open Source,” which is effectively Part 1 of this small series of posts.

The world of computers is an odd place. In the span of my own lifetime, I’ve gone from not owning a computer because it was too expensive to owning a watch that has more computing power than the first computer I ever owned. The amount of computing power in my house is mind boggling when I think about it compared to twenty years ago.