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BiffCMS is now Kiroku!

A few weeks ago BiffCMS changed names to Kiroku (which means Document in Japanese). This was mostly motivated by the fact that BiffCMS, in its current incarnation, bears little resemblence to what BiffCMS was even a year ago. A great deal of work has been done under the hood as it was converted over to Zend Framework and the UI is undergoing a complete overhaul that removes the old table-like layout of most of the pages.

jQuery is being employed in the Adminstration area to make it function much easier and cleaner than ever before:

The Plugin model has been revamped from the old BiffCMS months ago as well as the addition of Sections. A nicer WYSIWYG editor is in place over the old BiffCMS. All in all, Kiroku has grown a lot since BiffCMS was started by me years ago as a quick way to design and maintain web pages.

There are a few other projects that I'm working on and, as they grow, are moving away from the Biff name. The BiffAPI most of my code was built on in the PHP4 days is no longer worthwhile since I've moved on to the Zend Framework, so its appropriate that these project names change.

If you're interested in working with Kiroku, just drop me a line through e-mail or hit me up on Twitter.


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