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Biff Project Manager Launched

Another project of mine has been launched - Biff Project Manager. Biff Project Manager is a project management system that I am building to replace my by-hand method of project management. The first SVN commit has been made and you can check out a fresh copy from Google Code.

What does it do?

Right now not a whole lot. You can add projects and tasks to those projects. Thanks to the beauty of jQuery and AJAX you can edit the tasks right there in the table without having to go to any special pages so updating your tasks is as simple as using a spreadsheet. It is great for simply noting down what you need to do but in the coming weeks it will be expanded to do much more. Time spent on each task is recorded as well as who completed the task.


Installation is fairly easy. Check out a copy from SVN and put it up on your web host. You will need to edit the 'public/.htaccess' file's rewrite rule to the path that you unpacked it to. Once that is done run the SQL setup script in 'data/db/base.sql' to set up a basic database. That's all there is!


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