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Where Did All My Space Go?

Just about anyone who uses a computer has come across one inevitable question - where did all my hard drive space go to? Sure, applications (especially games) get larger every day, but what accounts for all the missing space after you clear out programs you no longer use. What about when you're not installing anything, but the space is still getting gobbled up? What if you're on Windows and bereft of Disk Usage Analyzer? Read on for the answer.

On Linux, there are a few tools that a person can use to see where all the space is going. GUI-wise there is Disk Usage Analyzer for GNOME, and from the command line there is df. Both get the job done and are quick.

For Windows, there is nothing built in, but there is a free program called SpaceMonger. There are two different versions, both a paid and a free version. The free version is nothing but the older, original SpaceMonger 1.4. For most users this will be more than enough to see where all the space is going.

Just download the archive and run the program inside. You tell it what disk to analyze and it gives a graphical breakdown of where all your space is. The larger the square, the more space that folder/file is taking up.

Download it here:


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